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At Roufas Paints, we offer a variety of services which set out to fulfill all of your painting needs.

Need  paint? a painter? Indoor? Outdoor? Commercial? We can help you... 

Computer Colour Matching

Whether it's a pillow, a curtain or even photograph, our Spectrophotometer Colour Matching System can create the paint colour you want with stunning accuracy.

Simply bring in a flat colour sample no less than the size of a 20 cent coin, and we'll produce a virtually identical match for you to take home.

If you need the same product down the track, we will provide you with a consistent colour match every time, provided that you bring the original matched can with you.

Colour Consultancy

Here at Roufas Paints, we strive to offer the best possible assistance with all aspects of home decorating. 


Through years of experience we are able to advise you on various colour options to suit your unique style and decor. 


With the assistance of our large selection of colour swatches we will help you achieve the desired and most modern look for every room of your home.

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